Sunday, November 19, 2023

Imanbek, Aarne, & NLE Choppa Drop Icy Collaboration: A Global Music Fusion

In the ever-evolving landscape of the music industry, collaborations have become the lifeblood of innovation, and the latest offering from IMANBEK, AARNE, and NLE CHOPPA, titled "ICE," is a testament to the power of global musical synergy.


For those eager to dive into the sounds of "ICE,  the track is OUT NOW!.

Coming together from diverse corners of the world – the Kazakh hitmaker and Grammy winner Imanbek, the London-based superstar producer Aarne, and the renowned American rapper NLE Choppa – this collaboration transcends geographical boundaries to create a sonic masterpiece. It's a reminder that music is a universal language that unites continents and bridges cultures.


"Ice" is not just a song; it's an experience crafted with a thoughtful approach and a unique connection between the three talents. The track boasts a silky and extremely charismatic tune, a signature blend that reflects the individual strengths each artist brings to the table. The result is a musical journey that resonates with a global audience, proving that creativity knows no borders.


What sets this collaboration apart is the playful yet profound combination of elements. The slightly childish beat takes listeners on a nostalgic journey, reminiscent of where it all began. NLE Choppa's witty rap vocals add a layer of authenticity, making "ICE" a truly special work that stands out in today's diverse music landscape.


As anticipation builds, fans can mark November 17th on their calendars when "ICE" will make its way to all major digital service providers. The track promises to be a refreshing addition to playlists worldwide, offering a unique blend of international talent and an infectious beat that will have listeners hitting the replay button.


In a world where music continues to break barriers, "IMANBEK & AARNE & NLE CHOPPA - ICE" is a shining example of how artists from different corners of the globe can come together to create something truly extraordinary. Stay tuned for a musical experience that transcends borders and brings us all a little closer through the language of sound.

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El 9ino Drops New EP “Stay Home Dad”

El 9ino is a rising NY/NJ based artist who just dropped a hot new EP titled "Stay Home Dad". His father was a young army vet immersed in the hip hop culture with an affinity for weapons (Wild Style). His parents split when he was 3, so he spent his weeks in Queens, NY and his weekends in the Bronx, NY. El 9ino's mother was a teenage mom helping her mom raise her four siblings and him. She loved the street life and street guys loved her. She was able to flip her relationships into a legitimate business. Fast forward to El 9ino's 20’s where he took a break from Wall Street to take care of his newborn daughter and his mother who was fighting a terminal illness. The result of all this adversity and the extended version is what you hear in the Stay Home Dad catalogue.

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The Highest Point Podcast Takes Internet By Storm!


As the podcast world grows in popularity, there will always be those of which stand out among the many. One of those "stand outs" that are growing at a rapid rate, is a podcast show by the name The Highest Point, owned and operated by Matt Devaunn. It is a platform that's honest, edgy, and fun all at once. They discuss current events while giving compelling insight that many others are afraid to speak on. With Matt Devaunn having a strong presence in the music scene, the show also interview musical artists, entrepreneurs, domestic abuse, and even cancer survivors just to name a few.
The show highlights the journey of their guests. "Often people see the end result without realizing all the sacrifice, and growth it took to get there" says Matt Devaunn. Understanding the importance of this, The Highest Point was created to be a platform that so many others can pick up gems on learning how to become successful.
The show has interviewed many well known guests such as DJ E. Sudd, who is the DJ for Hip Hop major artist 2 Chainz. Popular YouTuber Itz MilkTv that has been a guest on No Jumper with Adam 22, James DuBose, a major Television Producer and Head of Programming at Fox Soul. James was also the president of Sean "P. Diddy" Combs Bad Boy Television. More production credits include Kevin Harts One Mic Stand, Michael Vicks docu-series titled The Michael Vick Project, Keyshia Coles the Way It Is, Monicas Still Standing, Tiny & Toya A Family Affair, and more! It doesn't stop there!
The show has also dived into the world of sports, comedy and more from interviews with MLB All-Star pitcher Chris Archer, comedian Tim Shropshire, to Brett Berish who is the CEO of Sovereign Brands. Sovereign Brand includes popular sparkling wine brand LucBelaire, which became popular in the urban circuit due to a partnership with superstar hip hop artist Rick Ross. Sovereign Brand also has Bumbu Rum under their belt. Bumbu Rum became popular within the urban circuit as well, due to their partnership with the multi grammy award winning rapper Lil Wayne. Sovereign Brand also collaborates with Deacon Whiskey, with this list only naming a few. The Highest Point also boasts that they have broken records for artists on the rise. Since the show is located in North Carolina, they also put focus on their hometowns political side by interviewing local runners for Mayor, and City council in the city of Greensboro, NC. All of the interviews mentioned in this post, can be viewed directly on the official YouTube page for The Highest Point Podcast.

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Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Warner Music Group / Fresco The Label pres "Detour" the Ep by Fresco Trey

Trey Johnson professionally known as FRESCO TREY is one of the hottest new talents out of his city. Blending Pop, Hip Hop, and R&B, he’s praised for his polarizing sound in comparison to his city’s counterparts.
In 2020, Fresco Trey dropped his hit record "Feel Good", and it was met with national acclaim amassing millions of views on Tik Tok, along with millions of streams on various DSPs. The record’s success led to a bidding war between countless labels, which ultimately led him to inking a partnership deal with Warner Records. With the official launch of Fresco the Label, he re-released "Feel Good" in collaboration with multi-platinum recording artist Lil Tjay.
In 2021, he released his debut EP, 'Heartbreak Diaries', weaving together heartfelt ballads and hard-hitting bangers. After the release of 'Heartbreak Diaries', he released his hit single "Draft Kingz", which landed him a placement on the NBA2K22 Soundtrack. In 2022, he followed up with his sophomore EP, 'Heartbreak Diaries 2' featuring "Mona Lisa", a stand-out collaboration with popular recording artist, Vory.
Today, we are proud to bring to you his new EP, "Detour". On his latest release, you will find singles; "Not No Mo", "Bad Bitches" and the NLE Choppa featured "Passenger Princess". Check out this project, along with previous releases and try to keep up with Fresco Trey as he has just started his journey and has no plans of stopping any time soon.

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Saturday, November 11, 2023

Ha$$an The GOD ft. Egyptian Gypsy - Give Love On Christmas Day

Mobile, Alabama; Wingspan Urban Arts & Entertainment presents hip-hop artist Ha$$an the God as he has teamed up with Memphis' own Egyptian Gypsy for a holiday classic with a powerful message. The new single "Give Love On Christmas Day" brings in productions by Murda Mike Jones for Trackheadz Productions, check it out now.

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