Friday, January 9, 2015

[Single] Ghetto The Plug (@GhettoThePlug) ft @RichieCap1 - Money Power Respect

This week an Ohio artist has been ripping the streets of Atlanta, from Saturday Night Live with me, to Underground Hype Sundays with Dj Funky, straight to New Music Mondays with The Coalition Djs Atlanta. ​Veteran rap artist, Ghetto the Plug is "Back 2 Work!" and still refusing to bow down. He continues to make music to appeal to the streets and is still pushing to “make the word ‘real’ mean something again”. Ghetto returns stronger and more focused than ever as he continues to use his raw brand of realism to bring his music to the world. Ghetto collaborates with Cap 1 on his latest release “Money, Power, Respect” as he shows everyone what he came to do in the music industry.

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