Wednesday, September 9, 2015

[Video] E-Reign (@ereignesm) - Serious

It’s time to get “Serious” about not taking everything so seriously. That’s the theme of “Serious,” the latest offering from E-Reign. E-Reign is a New York-based a hip-hop artist whom critics are hailing as, “A star in the making.” The single is an
introspective, mid-tempo composition with meaning, message, and mantra. It is also a prime example of what sets E-Reign miles apart from the typical hip-hop artist. Most hip-hop artists compete among each other; however, E-Reign competes against himself. “I’m only as good as my last release,” he explains. While “Serious” is a song about not taking everything too seriously, E-Reign is nose-to-the-grindstone about his artistry. He offers, “You always win
when you push harder and take on your last best effort.” This recipe for success is what has sharpened his artistic skills as he continues to rise to the top of the hip-hop scene in New York City. “Serious” contains E-Reign’s typically well-crafted lyrical lines, hooky riffs, and top-notch instrumentation. The real action in this tune is not in “beats-per-minute,” but rather “beats-per- mantra.

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