Thursday, October 1, 2015

[EP] Trev Rich - Sometimes

In a genre where artist who are normally from the East, South or West coasts emerge from obscurity and mid-west stars usually hail from Chicago, it takes an extraordinarily gifted presence to ascend from Denver, Colorado and give industry veterans pause.
Trev Rich, a wordsmith who is more than happy to make a name for himself in the Rocky Mountain state, took a different approach and rather than leaving his hometown in search of a dream, he invited the dream to come to him.
"People are really surprised that we party the way we do in Denver. Beyond amazing talent living in the area, we know how to have a good time and that's the experience that I want visitors to have. I want them to respect where I'm from, so they understand when I rap, where I'm coming from," says the 25 year old rising star. This strategy caught the attention of Director of SESAC Music Atlanta, Gregorry Smith who made it a personal mission to travel to Denver and find out if the rumors were true about the next great MC. "I was done signing rappers," says Smith, "I went there not prepared to do anything except listen to this kid rap. I ended up staying in Denver five additional days to make sure I closed the deal and signed Trev."
Trev's team credits the song "Loaded" as a pivotal moment in his career, feeling like the city of Denver was officially behind his movement. The increasing demand for this track in the streets and clubs lead to Trev's next unofficial single, "Good Vibes" being played in regular rotation on local radio which was the impetus for Denver's Hip-Hop and R&B station KS107.5 inviting Trev to be the first local artist in decades to perform on the main stage at Summer Jam 2014.

Trev Rich is an MC's MC, having been co-signed by the likes of Joe Budden, a hip-hop artist who Trev holds in high esteem. Joe Budden invited Trev to appear on his 2012 track, "Dreams". "It don't get no harder than Slaughter House!" boasts Trev, "So when Joe Budden let me do a joint with him, it was surreal because I respect the way they pushed their whole movement."
It's been nearly eight years since Trev Rich began this journey, but he wouldn't have subtracted one moment. The struggle makes him stronger at his craft, the turbulence allows Rich and his team to become better businessmen and the peak moments help him to take it all in. With a solid business plan in place, Trev Rich has begun to venture outside of Denver and collaborate with other independent artists from across the country and leaked new music via the Internet. His last single, "Sometimes" received immediate critical acclaim from the blogosphere and created a new kind of buzz for Trev Rich. His plan is effective, he's determined to earn respect as an MC the old school way, one show at a time, one city at a time, one radio station at a time, one fan at a time. "I believe my audience and future fans deserve as much respect as they give me. We're going to grow together. If I do this thing slowly and carefully, I think I'll be around a long time."



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