Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Spotlight on Watts Waldo (@WattsWaldoMusic)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA—It’s safe to say Watts Waldo’s music career is looking pretty good right about now. He’s currently working on two major projects—including “Purple Stars and Spaceships.” For this highly-anticipated album, he’s joining forces with his uncle Teddy Riley, an award-winning singer-songwriter and record producer credited with the creation of the new “My uncle is credited for that genre, however, I’m trying to bring in a new age era,” explained Wells Waldo. “I’m very excited to be working with my uncle on this album. He showed me how to do the whole music thing in the first place.”

Watts Waldo recalls watching his Uncle Teddy work on Michael Jackson’s “Invincible” album in 2001. From that moment on, he knew he would follow in his uncle’s footsteps. In a way, he says, he’s come full circle. He’s watched his uncle help produce good music for the King of Pop. Now Riley is helping his nephew, the future King of Hip Hop, do the same. “The album is going to drop in early 2016. I describe the tracks on the album as groovy,” said the talented hip hop artist. “The theme is outer space, of course. I’m intergalactic. In the tracks, I combine hip hop, EDM and world music to form one amazing sound. Music lovers are Originally from Virginia Beach, Virginia, Watts Waldo has been calling California home now for almost the last ten years. He says it was comedian, Eddie Griffon, who first talked him into leaving the east coast for the west.

“I haven’t looked back since,” he explained. “I originally came out to L.A. to help Eddie with a soundtrack in 2007. I came out and never left. I love it here.” According to Watts Waldo, he says he’s on a mission to change the music industry as we know it. In terms sound, he says he’s his own person and wants to be compared to no one. “I’m living in the hills, and I’m kicking a**. I’m trying to help fix the world through music. I don’t sound like anybody you currently hear on the radio. I’m a breath of fresh air. I’ve got songs when you’re mad, sad and, of course, happy. I have a song for every occasion,” stated Watts Waldo. “I have a son now, and the music today sucks overall. I’m trying to be totally different. I want him to know what good music sounds like. I put out feel good music.” Prior to the release of his 12-track album, Watts Waldo will first drop his new mixtape titled “The Manhattan Project” in the coming weeks. Fans won’t be disappointed, he says. On this project, he collaborates with the likes of DJ Khaled and Skrillex—two big-names already changing the music game as we know it.

Click [here] to checkout a preview of his track "No Strings"

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