Monday, October 5, 2015

[Video] DatBoi Dad (@DatBoiDad) - Gud Dope

Who is Datboi Dad
I was born Deric Moore Jr aka Dad on the streets nawl for real I was born 11/11/1981 my aunt Sidney 2bdr on Joseph E.Lowery formerly known as Simpson rd in Atlants GA my mom moved to Jonesbro South Projects in 1983 I'm the 3rd of four children my brother was 18 months ahead of me it was only us two boys so we had to go hard meaning in these streets and the grind. I've always been determined from going door to door, raking leaves to carrying people's groceries and selling candy
then that street life.
I turned to the corner that corner was heaven/hell in that time I got shot so I had to sit down for a minute realizing how I had to do do less bit gain more as time went on I gained more thats where my name came from my hood started calling me Dad I just added Dat Boi to it being I was young ant the time and had a lot winsome few years in 05 did a bid came home in 09
Been starting up On Cash Ent since.
On Cash is a label with two artists my self and lil Mike my nephew.
The project I'm working on now is called "Gud Dope" and No I'm not marketing illegal drugs it's "Gud Dope" Gud entrainment Gud food Gud times Gud company anything that pleasurable to you I want my music to be inspirational makings you want to gain more relaxing,chill , but also game giving On Cash Ent music is gonna be pharmaceutical what I mean by that is marinating understand me passed through usfda distributed to your local pharmacy mom and pops stores you understand me!

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