Monday, November 16, 2015

[Single] Boe Almighty (@BoeAlmightyWKI) ft J Killa - Westside / Eastside (Via @Deez_WKI)

Sean Deez & The WKI (Wrongkind ingles) cont. To serve up the Heat videos, mixtapes, I guess slowing down isn't in the plan, fresh off the "FLOCKIN FA BEATZ" MIXTAPE Comes the 1st rounder from the #NHP section of Inglewood comes "BOE ALMIGHTY" LOCKED UP IN 2014 STILL COULDN'T STOP THE WKI REPRESENTATIVE FROM DROPPIN OFF HIS LATEST SINGLE WESTSIDE / EASTSIDE, THE 1ST LEAK FROM THE SOON TO BE RELEASED " " STAY N IT VOL 2 ". So take a Listen & keep up up with Boe on Social media Twitter: @BoeAlmightyWKI Instagram: @almighty700 Facebook: BoeAlmighty WKI

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