Monday, March 21, 2016

[Mixtape] Calz (@Cedonia_Calz) - Cocaine Calz

The Baltimore MD born rapper Calz is ready to change the game. Growing
up he always listened to Jadakiss, Eminem, Tupac, Biggie Smallz,
Jay-Z, and Big L; mainly because of their flow and how they rode
beats. He separates himself from many of today’s artists because of
his versatility and his ability to ride the track so smooth. Currently
gaining buzz in his city he's constantly working on new music and now
dropping his latest mixtape "Cocaine Calz". Calz always keeps a steady
mindset on achieving something you believe in, his words exactly are
"if you believe in it, then it can be done". Checkout the Bigga Rankin
hosted project today and support an artist actively chasing his goals.

Click Here To Download/Stream

Checkout the "Never Change" Video

Connect w/ Calz
Twitter: @Cedonia_Calz
Instagram: itscalzfrom_ca

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