Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Rushbilli (@RistakerBully) Gets Back in the Saddle

Rushbilli Gets Back in the Saddle (From the Big
Easy to the Big House and Back Again)

Everyone has a past and it’s often those with one's paved with hard
times that make the best stories. Especially when those people pull
themselves up and are able to breakaway from past mistakes and
hardships, and more onward. Rushbilli is one of those people who have
seen the worst of times, but isn’t about to let his stint in prison
define him for the rest of his life. Instead, it’s pushing him towards
his goals and getting him back into the rap game.

Hailing from the same streets as Birdman, Rushbilli sees that as a
sign that he can not only make it in hip hop - but go on to be a name
that sits on the shelf alongside the likes of not only Birdman, but
other men who have talent both in front and behind the mic. He’s not
only an artist, he’s also got a business mindset that sets him apart
from many of his peers; working on his music and his label as he
starts to reinvest in his artistry.

It’s been awhile since he’s been at it, but before his stint in prison
- he did his fair share of touring and went everywhere from Florida to
California. Today he’s got some things planned with the SCM Awards, as
well as having the world enjoy his single, “I’m That
” which features Boosie BadAzz and Kief Brown.

Those interested in hearing more from Rushbilli, connecting with him
about a project, or finding out more about his label - can check him
out online, get in touch with him with the info below or read about
his trials and tribulations in his book, Parable of Buried Treasures,
Sacrifices, and Masked Beauty, available here.

Rushbilli is a rapper from New Orleans whose stint in prison gave him
time to reevaluate his life. Once out, he decided to get back into
music and now he’s putting all his time and energy into not only
creating music, but building his label.

Buried Treasures LLC

Official Site:
Write up by ArtistPR.

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