Monday, May 16, 2016

[Mixtape] Casino Mel (@IamCasinoMel) - Casino My Religion

Growing up in Abbeville, South Carolina Casino Mel was determined to
live the life that rappers had. He eventually got caught up in the
streets, which was the closest thing to the lifestyle he wanted that
eventually landed him in prison for three years. After going through
that experience Casino Mel became totally focused on music. He saw
music as a positive way to follow his dreams and also help those
around him. His first deal would come about in a spontaneous way.
While waiting for a bus to get to his college classes he ended up
having a conversation with two guys. They found out he rapped, so he
freestyled on the spot, two weeks later he received his first deal.
Talent and drive have always been on his side. Now through local shows
he built a good name for himself that he is continuing to expand on.
Currently Casino Mel has a deal with Five Star Empire and he is known
for his storytelling abilities. He uses music to paint clear pictures
that even someone who hasn’t walked in his shoes can still understand.

Casino Mel feels he has to make it for his entire city and his son.
With all of that pressure he uses it to go harder with his craft. He
has plans to build businesses in Abbeville, giving other people a
chance to make an honest living. “Make it 80” is what Casino Mel lives
by. With everything he does he raises the bar. Just like in a high
steak poker game he puts it all on the line; in the studio, stage, and
in life. More than an artist, he is an example of changing your life
by simply following your dream.

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Connect w/ Casino:
Twitter: @IamCasinoMel
Instagram: CasinoMel

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