Thursday, May 12, 2016

Spotlight on Jus (@justlikejus)

Music is in the blood of Justin “JUS” Longford, born to a family of singers and musicians. At the age of five, JUS began singing, but quickly merged into rap after hearing Tupcac’s rhymes. He jokes, “My family called me the in-house thug,” because he would imitate Tupac right down to the way he wore a bandana. The artist quickly left his bandana days behind him and learned how to freestyle at the young age of eleven, recording his first album in his father’s studio at fourteen. Now, JUS is taking his energy and lyricism to San Diego and beyond.

JUS’ five-track EP features a variety of songs that show just how dynamic the singer’s music can be. The songs range from an upbeat song made for the clubs, “Here We Go,” to more heartfelt messages straight from the heart. JUS explains his most influential song on the EP is “The American Dream,” which is dear to his heart. It tells the story of JUS quitting his “9 to 5” job, abandoning everything else, and focusing on God and his music. The song is his way of “speaking success into success,” explains the artist. “I was doing everything to make my dreams come true. I was sleeping in my car.” JUS exemplifies the meaning of “hustle,” willing to sacrifice everything for his craft. His hard work paid off tenfold. Justin entered the BET Sprite Hot 16 contest and won hands down with over 10,000 votes. He was then hand-picked DJ Khaled with the assistance of Rostrum Records A&R Earl Johnson to perform in the world famous, “BET Hip-Hop Awards Cypher” alongside mainstream rap artist Mac Miller, Schoolboy Q, Mystikal, Hopsin and the legendary DJ Premier.

JUS’ music has a mainstream flare, but his message is unique. For one, you won’t hear any mention of “bitches and ho’s” on the album. In fact, the third track on the album, “Ridin,’” tells the story of a woman who is being disrespected until JUS swoops in and treats her well. “Hip hop treats women terribly, and glorifies strippers. I like to get ‘turnt,’ but you won’t hear me call a woman a bitch. That’s just not me.”

Ultimately, JUS is out to expand his reach and get his music into the world. “I’m an artist that can’t be stopped. I want to inspire the world.” Stay tuned for big things from out of this dream chaser.

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