Sunday, May 1, 2016

Spotlight on Sherm Dizzy

Stephen Johnson, who’s better known by his fans as Sherm Dizzy, is burning up the underground hip hop scene with his music—and he has no plans to let that fire, or drive, fade anytime soon.

“When a lot of people hear my music for the first time, they tell me I’m different from what they hear on the radio,” he stated. “All of my music is original. I don’t do covers, and I’m not trying to be like everybody else.”

That’s because he prefers to follow the beat of his own drum. Just off the heels of his last project in 2015 titled “Tha Writer,” Johnson is in the process of dropping his sophomore project, an EP titled “Ryder Music.”

“I’m very excited about it. When I make music, it’s based on my life and what I’ve experienced. The themes to my songs vary. I’ve got love songs, streets songs, party songs—a wide mix on this upcoming project,” he explained. “When you hear this music, you can dance to it, chill to it, or ride to it—hence the title.”

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Johnson recently finished filming two new music videos for the first two singles from the project. The first track is called “Guns Out.”

“It’s a pretty aggressive track,” explained Johnson. “It’s definitely a street song and not for the faint at heart.”

That track will be following by a real club banger titled “Party 3X.” It’s just one of 14 songs on the EP. “That single is obviously about partying. I had fun shooting the video for it. I got inspiration from watching ‘House Party,’” explained Johnson. Although he grew up in the streets, he’s clearly managed to rise up out of it, going on to be a successful independent artist who shows no signs of slowing down until he reaches the top. To learn more about Stephen “Sherm Dizzy” Johnson, check him out on his website at:

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