Wednesday, February 22, 2017

[Video] Dj Phresh Pharao Remix Ft Musie - How Bout Dat

Introducing #CertifiedPhresh. The undeniable list of the hottest talent the PNW has to offer.
Today we're featuring none other than the creator of #CertifiedPhresh himself, DJ Phresh Pharaoh [hip-hop/rap].

Before he was the Phresh Pharaoh, he spent the last 3 years working as a promoter and DJ in the Washington Nightlife Scene, quickly moving from prolific house party co-host with Saleem J (Tenascious Production and Critical Hit Productions),to a successful promoter at the former Fusion Ultra Lounge with then DJ, Black Diamond AM (Def Dynasty).

He then spent a year co-producing his own events across WA, while simultaneously studying under some of the bigger PNW promoters and working shows with the likes of Lil' Wayne, 2Chainz, Chris Brown, and Adrian Marcel. He even took time to act in several films and a web series.

Finally, DJ Phresh Pharaoh was born in early 2016. After a year of what he refers to as "coming up with D.O.P.E ideas" and working the Tacoma scene, he is now commonly referred to as the best party DJ in Washington.

2017 promises to be an explosive year for this relentless PNW weekend warrior. Checkout his remix to viral phenom "How Bout Dat" featuring Musie.

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