Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Spotlight on upcoming EP "Diary of Me" from Tay Blood

Hailing from Detroit’s notorious east side, Tay Blood is one few young OG’s that make it out to share the story. 8 Mile was made popular by Eminem but beyond that street a lot of people are lost when it comes to the real inner city struggle in Detroit. ‘Through the Struggle’ is the first single from Tay Blood’s upcoming EP, Diary of Me. People may be wondering who is Tay Blood? Well the answer will be in the new EP. This summer, his video ‘Raised Differently’ hit over 50K views on Youtube without any major promotion, just going to show the movement behind his music. 2018 will definitely be a break out year for Tay Blood who has the new EP lined up as well as more shows so stay plugged in.

Click [Here] To Stream "Through The Struggle" via Soundcloud!

Click [Here] to Stream "Take it There" via Soundcloud!

Connect w/ Tay Blood:

Instagram: Tayblood75

Twitter: @tayblood2

Facebook: Tay Blood

SnapChat: Tay Blood

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