Monday, April 30, 2018

Houston we have a problem! @TheRealSweetBennieRay "Tru Shyt Muzik"

has been on the map musically since the Rap-A-Lot days and even Dallas
started to have a bubbling music scene after the “My Dougie” craze, but
Fort Worth, TX has not been on the map until now.

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born in England, Bennie Ray has fully embraced the South and is now
charging his way into the industry. “I can’t speak on how hard other
places have it”, he says in an interview, “I just know it’s hard here
because of the lack of support form consumers and DJs”. This hurdle is
not stopping the progress though.

releasing TS2 last year to much acclaim, Bennie is following up with
the release of his latest single, “Tru Shyt Muzik”. It’s hard to compare
Bennie to any other artists because his style is his own but if you mix
a little Bun B and Scarface with a little 8Ball you would be getting
close. If you’ve been looking for that old school flavor in a new school
artist, then this song will take you back to the days when live
instruments were preferred over digital sounds, and if you had a singer
on the hook they could REALLY sing.

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Ray may be a new artist in your book but when you listen to the music
then you’ll hear the experience. This isn’t some artist still trying to
discover their sound. This is an artist just waiting for the world to
discover his sound. Be sure to check out his latest single, and catch up
on his old music, you won’t be disappointed, Tru Shyt

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