Sunday, April 29, 2018

[Lyric Video] Bonez Bugatti - Weekend At Bernie's


Bonez Bugatti (Willie Raysor) is an american rapper, writer,and actor born march 23 1986 in long island New york moved and raised in Raleigh north carolina after the death of his father. He began his love for acting and music at the age of nine in the church. on thanksgiving of 95 he lost his mother to a sickness and was raised in a foster home, after his sisters were kicked out into the streets he felt as if he had no family left and took to the streets at the age of 14, from gangs, to drug dealing to even being homeless he has overcome a lot and used his gifts to guide him on his journey. Now he is very polished in his craft and has been able to work with the likes of Dame Dash and Dj Scream.


Bonez Bugatti music is something that grabs the minds, souls and bodies of the listeners. he has created his own sound like no other. He also has acts and has been seen in movies and commercials such as Bojangles. We look forward to seeing what else this talented man has to offer to the world.
His new single Weekend at Bernie's by Bonez Bugatti ft. SeQuence Clark is available on all music platforms

Connect w/ Bonez Bugatti:

Twitter: @bonezbugatti

Instagram: moneyleaguebonez

FB: BonezBugattiMusic

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