Saturday, May 12, 2018

[Video] Ronnie Walka - This is for the ladies (TIFTL)

Who is Roniie Walka?

Ronnie Walka was born on August 1st in Brooklyn, New York. The oldest of four children, he had to face difficult times in the mean streets of Brooklyn. Each corner had its own story of abuse to those who would fall victim to the streets or join a gang. Before he became a dead statistic, Ronnie was able to leave the streets and the gang life behind. His early years was spent at the Boys and Girls High School where he was introduced to photography. He soon transferred schools and went to the Eotivation. Eastern District where he took his first cinematography class. This is where he learned the basics of filming and writing. His amazing creative ability allowed him to merge photography and cinematography so well that he has become very much in demand.

While building his dream team, he worked for independent companies, worked on films, designed media pieces, performed at events with his smooth vocal style, photographed so many major events and finally earned enough money to buy a few items of highly professional photography/video equipment.
Through his journey, Ronnie never lost focus despite the many failures and broken promises he endured. Ronnie never lost faith in what God had planned for him. This is still his driving motivation.

Checkout his latest video, dedicated to the women in his life.

Connect w/ Ronnie Walka:

contact DJ SINCERE 917 767 2893



Twitter: @iamronniewalka

Instagram: iamronniewalka

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