Wednesday, August 22, 2018

[Video] AseCard - Diamonds Dancing

Swag On Auto Pilot = S.O.A.P. ! Brandon Martell Jones, otherwise known to the masses under the moniker '''Ase Card''', is an unsigned rapper and songwriter hailing from the Bay Area, Fairfield, California, popularized by his energetic and passionate flow and his distinct connection to his fans on both an urban and political standpoint. Since age eight, Ase has grown from his beginning stage of emceeing, ...crafting his skill with every song and album created. not to mention, Ase has collabed with more than half of nor-cal's recording artist and the list goes on. Basing his music off of past struggles, life, and overall opinions on the world and its social climate, Card has never been one to hold his tongue, furthering intriguing listeners to gravitate towards his music, and image in general. Additional alleys Ase Card has successfully pursued include poetry, dance choreography, acting, producing and record engineering; all along making it look seemingly effortless. Conclusively, Ase Card is the future, and a definitive force to move the industry in a positive direction with music,modeling and acting that is sure to be embraced by millions of people around the world.

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