Friday, September 28, 2018


Hecdakid is no stranger to the rigors of being a performing artist.

In 2018 there are so many components to actually getting music to the fans that it becomes exhausting just keeping up with the clout trends. After a year of semi productive work in between business situations and
creative shifts Hecdakid finally releases the cover art and release date to his latest single "Blood Pressure".

"I was at a point in my mind and music where I felt bottled up. Like I was being too quiet, or reserved but needed to let it all out." Hec points out about the title of the newest single. He continues to give us insight about the powerful cover art he sent, "I felt I was at war or battling with myself, like a soldier."

The song is basically Hecdakid showing his wordplay as well as relevant points about about the state of hip hop music.
Hec really shows his versatility by spitting bars and not just playing around. It is my emotions, feelings, anger, & aggression and also frustration. We've heard the single and its strong considering the concept.

Check out the Cover art and Get ready for this strong single slated to Drop Mid October available for streaming on all retail outlets.

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