Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Maryland Based Hip Hop Artist, Tr3demark, Releases Long-Awaited EP, "God Working on Me”

Known for his eclectic sound, Maryland based artist Tim Moorehead also known as TR3DEMARK, has released his long-awaited EP, “God Working on Me.” -- available now on Tidal, Apple Music and Spotify. With his catchy hooks and relentless flow, TR3DEMARK has been on
the rise and continues to build a reputation for himself in the underground scene where he gains consistent buzz. In his latest EP, “God Working on Me,” he loudly proclaims themes of inspiration, broad world views, sonic eclecticism and unwavering, deeply
rooted faith. TR3DEMARK strives to maintain a culturally diverse sound, creating music to inspire and radiate positive energy. “Living for something greater than yourself – and inspiring others to do the same for the welfare of humanity,” says TR3DEMARK.

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