Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Music Distribution Club x Put Me On - Conference 2021

Get featured on 1 of 10 dates announces its monthly livestream music business panel dubbed “Put Me On - Conference 2021” providing artists the blueprint to be successful in the music business right now.

Music Distribution Club’s “Put Me On - Concert Series” entails three 12 minute sets aired during the broadcast of each Put Me On - Conference panel in 2021. This also includes your 36 month distribution membership at w/ unlimited audio releases to all major DSP's and no catalog renewal fees.
Confirm your spot and we’ll schedule the date to film your performance set in Hollywood, Ca or Times SQ, NY.
To Get Started
1. Click here for booking and confirm your spot
2. Select “Put Me On”
3. Enter the coupon code - Put Me On
4. Complete your registration
You will be scheduled for onboarding within 24-48 hours of your registration
Payment Schedule
1. Registration - $150 due to register
2. Initial deposit - $499 due after onboarding to schedule your filming date in Hollywood, Ca or Times SQ, NY.
Additional info:
You will have tickets on sale under your stage name so your fans can purchase tickets to see you perform (All of your ticket sales are detected by
100% of your ticket sales are deposited to your Music Distribution Club account 48hrs after your broadcast date. Potential margin of profit is after 25 tickets sold (i.e. 100 tickets at $27 = $2700 paid out).
You will receive your payout 72-hours after your concerts airdate, deposited to your Music Distribution Club account.

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