Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Spotlight on Deezy Diablo | @deezydiabloatl

Born in Miami, Fl. Deezy Diablo brings the world his personal version of coming up out of the struggle and facing adversity head on through his gift of music. Talented in many of ways Deezy has set himself on a path that can and will be described as legendary. The music created by Deezy Diablo is all wote and pretty much engineered by himself. The beats are from producers and family who Deezy has built long term relationships with. Deezy Diablo created a unique way of spitting words about his rise from a life of struggling into some of the hottest music that has a universal vibe.
This site explains the hunger of an individual whose life is pretty much a "real life" rags to riches story in the making. Deezy Diablo born and raised in (Goulds)Miami, Fl. living in Atlanta, Ga.

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Click Here to Visit Site

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