Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Mubu Bubbleeye (@_bubbleeye) - Bar's, Backwoods & Belaire Pt.2 (Mixtape)

The MUBU Kush God " Bubble Eye " still campaigning strong with his latest album " Kush God part 2 ", decides to give you some lyrical exercise with the part 2 of the mixtape series " Bar's, Backwoods & Belaire " Gmixing some of your favorite records. So Pop them Belaire bottles, blaze up them backwoods and get your pen and pad and press play !!! hoopla at bubs on Twitter: @_bubbleeye | Instagram: @bubbleeye_

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01 MUBU Bubble Eye - Bar's, Backwoods & Belaire 2 Intro 02 MUBU Bubble Eye - Heating Up [GMIX] 03 Mubu Bubble Eye - Up [GMIX] 04 Mubu Bubble Eye - My Niggas 05 Bubs N Duke - Shoot Outz 06 Mubu Bubble Eye - Whole Lotta Money 07 Mubu Bubble Eye - Dirty K [GMIX] 08 Cino fresh x Mubu Bubble Eye - Symphony

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