Sunday, November 19, 2023

The Highest Point Podcast Takes Internet By Storm!


As the podcast world grows in popularity, there will always be those of which stand out among the many. One of those "stand outs" that are growing at a rapid rate, is a podcast show by the name The Highest Point, owned and operated by Matt Devaunn. It is a platform that's honest, edgy, and fun all at once. They discuss current events while giving compelling insight that many others are afraid to speak on. With Matt Devaunn having a strong presence in the music scene, the show also interview musical artists, entrepreneurs, domestic abuse, and even cancer survivors just to name a few.
The show highlights the journey of their guests. "Often people see the end result without realizing all the sacrifice, and growth it took to get there" says Matt Devaunn. Understanding the importance of this, The Highest Point was created to be a platform that so many others can pick up gems on learning how to become successful.
The show has interviewed many well known guests such as DJ E. Sudd, who is the DJ for Hip Hop major artist 2 Chainz. Popular YouTuber Itz MilkTv that has been a guest on No Jumper with Adam 22, James DuBose, a major Television Producer and Head of Programming at Fox Soul. James was also the president of Sean "P. Diddy" Combs Bad Boy Television. More production credits include Kevin Harts One Mic Stand, Michael Vicks docu-series titled The Michael Vick Project, Keyshia Coles the Way It Is, Monicas Still Standing, Tiny & Toya A Family Affair, and more! It doesn't stop there!
The show has also dived into the world of sports, comedy and more from interviews with MLB All-Star pitcher Chris Archer, comedian Tim Shropshire, to Brett Berish who is the CEO of Sovereign Brands. Sovereign Brand includes popular sparkling wine brand LucBelaire, which became popular in the urban circuit due to a partnership with superstar hip hop artist Rick Ross. Sovereign Brand also has Bumbu Rum under their belt. Bumbu Rum became popular within the urban circuit as well, due to their partnership with the multi grammy award winning rapper Lil Wayne. Sovereign Brand also collaborates with Deacon Whiskey, with this list only naming a few. The Highest Point also boasts that they have broken records for artists on the rise. Since the show is located in North Carolina, they also put focus on their hometowns political side by interviewing local runners for Mayor, and City council in the city of Greensboro, NC. All of the interviews mentioned in this post, can be viewed directly on the official YouTube page for The Highest Point Podcast.

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